Thursday, October 18, 2007

Holiday knitting sucks!

i think the title says it all for me this week. in my last post i showed a lovely picture of very nice teal colored yarn that is to be made into a lovely lace-y throw for my mother. that got pushed back in lui of me making the sweater for my sister for christmas, simply because i have a lot more oomph to make the throw than the sweater so if i dont get on it sooner and finish it it might not be finished. so here it is on the left my progress and the right is the picture with all remaining materials. i thought it was just a lovely color of the yarn and it was 50% off on sale so i snatched up the remaining 4 skeins of purple and 2 of cream (but im not sure i will even touch the second skein of cream) originally i had bought this other verigated yarn with green/purple/cream color which was supposed to make a print when knit in the correct gauge and i wanted to make this sweater, but alas i did not have enough of the previous color and through my search in the other shops around town i could find no more to have enough so i have 4 100G balls bumming in my stash of that lovely yarn. oh well maybe for another day and another project. well this is my third attempt at this sweater since the original pattern wouldnt work with this boucle yarn and the second pattern which was ment for boucle it didnt look good either so i compromised, i took the idea of the split neck collar from the first sweater and just knit a raglan top-down sweater approx. size L. i am down into the body so far and it is so boring doing nothing but knit knit knit i am sooooo ready for this one to be done!

I got a lovely birthday gift from my mother, i had been drooling over these sets of interchangable knitting needles, i was looking at the boye, denise and knit picks. i really liked the denise set but neither the knitpicks or denise set goes to the smaller sizes which i love since i use fingering weight a lot. she bought me the boye set for my birthday, love my mom, she knits and she "gets it". i want to sew myself a lovely holder for all my fixed length circular needles that i have aquired/bought over time and keep them nice and neat as my new set. i have already used them twice! My little finishing note today is that i love orangina, i cant get enough. it is sooo goood, i had it the first time in high school when my french teacher made everyone in our class try some french foods, escargot too which i also liked! here is a little picture to brighten up anyone elses day who loves this stuff.

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