Monday, October 1, 2007

it's been a while!

so today i decided to organize that ever growing stash of mine, so out it all came from the hiding places, the closet, the tupperwears, and the baskets to all culmonate onto this double size futon.

now it always looks like more i think when you get it all out there right infront of you, there is no denying my hoarding now! well either way it is what i collect and it goes to a good use eventually so i dont feel guilty about it.

this friday will be my birthday and since DH will be out of town for it i got to go shopping this weekend for my birthday gift, i got 50$ pre-taxe to spend on whatever i wanted (really it was only yarn). here the Zeller's was having a 50% off all clearance yarn so i went in there to spend my money and get the most for it. well they royally screwed up my bill and i was waiting at customer service for 20 minutes just to get it fixed and they ended up giving me a pretty good refund to make up for the time i had to waste while 3 people tried to figure out what had happened. needless to say it was the best 20 mins of my day, even if i was a bit late to work.

and on a side note, see that little basket on the left, that is all of my yarn unraveled from secondhand store sweaters. i have every intention of using it again, already have a large ball of it in a nice rusty red-orange color here next to me making a scarf for my brother-in-law for christmas. i must admit i like to unravel the sweaters, and have done it so much i have it down to an art, but i hate the washing process so i just don't do it, and instead watch my gauge very carefully.

moving on from the mass quantities of yarn i will present (very late) the sweater i made hubby for his birthday/making up for the one i made him at christmas that hopelessly did not fit, not even close!

he really likes ths one a lot better, it was custom made just for him, no pattern. he picked the yarn, i picked the fit/style. i think it really suits him since his favorite thing to wear are those baseball tees with the different color arms, so i made it raglan and i like him in this black polo shirt he has so i made it a polo collar. it is all knit top down then it is a crocheted collar and button part. i really like it and it was so simple, with the exception of having to rip out an entire arm because unknowingly my math wasnt as great as i thought it was and the sleeve was almost as wide as the body part and of course i didnt have him try it on until the sleeve was literally 2 inches from being done. but other than that there were no major problems, i am testing the pattern and will post it here when i'm done with that.
my finishing thoughts for this post would have to be, i love reading blogs, there are a few that i frequent (olga, and svetlana to mention 2 off the top of my head) and i wish i had blogs like theirs. i knit and crochet as much as they do and i finish projects just as fast (which by the way i think svetlana is a super hero because she has a little boy and still finishs things fast!) i just have no momentum to post about them and take pictures even if i am on the computer every or almost everyday. i do make it a point to check in to crochetville everyday so i really should just do what i wish i was doing and make it my goal, maybe my new years resolution that i never made. ya that will be it.

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