Wednesday, October 31, 2007


so we officially bought our tickets to fly into la to go visit my family for thansgiving. love turkey, it should be great. this is also when we all exchange presents since i am able to be there and hence the crunch on time to get all my "holiday" knitting done. i finished the sweater for my sister and i think it came out better than expected. i really like the little split neck to be pinned into place as a turtleneck. so here it is.

secondly, i have also gotten started on the throw blanket for my mother and all i can hope is that i can knit fast enough to finish it. i have about 4 inches so far (just started of course) and i picked a cable and lace pattern and it is a very easy repeat, already have memorized. at this rate i think i will need to knock out about a ball a day on days i work and 2 balls on days i am off. here is crossing my fingers i can get it done in time!

Friday, October 26, 2007

bridesmaid garters

i finished all of these YAY! i am so glad to have one more item done and i can stash away. i previously posted the pictures of the bridal ones here are the ones i made for my bridesmaids, i think they look hot with the black and hot pinkfor my 2 bridesmaids and one junior bridesmaids.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wedding Garters

so my wedding is coming up in less than 6 months! EEk it is coming so fast. everyhing is, more or less, already in order, my mother is making my dress and i am making my bouquet and everything else has already been reserved. it really sneaks up on you i tell you what! im more into the marriage than the actual wedding so it is just kind of going by without me. i decided i wanted to make my own garters, i made 2 they are white with a crystal thread in them, made from size 10 southmaid cotton and made from this "pattern". i am going to make 3 more in black for my bridesmaids, i want to do one of those pictures with me surrounded by my bridesmaids and all lift up the dresses to show our leg/garters together.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Holiday knitting sucks!

i think the title says it all for me this week. in my last post i showed a lovely picture of very nice teal colored yarn that is to be made into a lovely lace-y throw for my mother. that got pushed back in lui of me making the sweater for my sister for christmas, simply because i have a lot more oomph to make the throw than the sweater so if i dont get on it sooner and finish it it might not be finished. so here it is on the left my progress and the right is the picture with all remaining materials. i thought it was just a lovely color of the yarn and it was 50% off on sale so i snatched up the remaining 4 skeins of purple and 2 of cream (but im not sure i will even touch the second skein of cream) originally i had bought this other verigated yarn with green/purple/cream color which was supposed to make a print when knit in the correct gauge and i wanted to make this sweater, but alas i did not have enough of the previous color and through my search in the other shops around town i could find no more to have enough so i have 4 100G balls bumming in my stash of that lovely yarn. oh well maybe for another day and another project. well this is my third attempt at this sweater since the original pattern wouldnt work with this boucle yarn and the second pattern which was ment for boucle it didnt look good either so i compromised, i took the idea of the split neck collar from the first sweater and just knit a raglan top-down sweater approx. size L. i am down into the body so far and it is so boring doing nothing but knit knit knit i am sooooo ready for this one to be done!

I got a lovely birthday gift from my mother, i had been drooling over these sets of interchangable knitting needles, i was looking at the boye, denise and knit picks. i really liked the denise set but neither the knitpicks or denise set goes to the smaller sizes which i love since i use fingering weight a lot. she bought me the boye set for my birthday, love my mom, she knits and she "gets it". i want to sew myself a lovely holder for all my fixed length circular needles that i have aquired/bought over time and keep them nice and neat as my new set. i have already used them twice! My little finishing note today is that i love orangina, i cant get enough. it is sooo goood, i had it the first time in high school when my french teacher made everyone in our class try some french foods, escargot too which i also liked! here is a little picture to brighten up anyone elses day who loves this stuff.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

today will be productive!

today i found 2 birthday cards waiting for me in my mailbox, one from my dad and one from grandma, so nice of them to think of me. i must share the card my father sent, it is just hilarious and i must say.... speaks volumes!

in case you can't read the text it says : Genie to cat "...and for your third wish?" Dog to cat "seriously, you might want to stop and give this a little more thought." 2 balls of "granted" yarn sit in front of the cat. its priceless... love shoebox, they have a card for everything!

as for todays crafting news, i have been working on this knit scarf, it is a DNA cable (found here) and so far it is about 6 feet long, only one more foot to go! woohoo!

this darn thing has taken me sooooo long to do, as it is tedious and since i used a yarn much thinner than the pattern called for (and i chose not to make it seaman style i did the cable the whole way through) i decided to make it 7 feet long to be wrapped around several times. i am in the home stretch now, and this last stretch seems to have taken forever. atleast i have the repeats down and no longer have to follow the pattern/graph and i have also mastered the cables and twisted stitches without using a cable needle, it was taking me twice as long having to use the cable needle 2 times every other row, that was frustating!

i have been forcing myself to work on this sucker for the last few days to get it done, it is a christmas present (i see family in nov. so it has to be done by then) and i have other projects to get to. i know if i set it aside and start something else i will just pick it up, bind it off, and it will never be the intended length. so now while i have the movitation i am forcing myself to finish it off!

on the GREEN side of this project, i am using what was once a very nice cashmere merino blend men's sweater. i unwound all of the pieces then wound one strand from each piece, sleeves/front/back into a 4 ply ball and this is the yarn i am using. i had bought some nice yarn to do it in then my sister said he likes dark orange, you can't really tell much from this picture but it is a nice rusty orange-redish color so i think this suits the color she said best.

My next project is a throw for my mother for christmas. when she was here visiting in aug. she saw this yarn in my stash (vintage Samba soft cable cotton blend) in this lovely turquoise color. it came from an estate sale, and i love the color so well i bought it and had no idea what to use it for. she is currently re-doing her living room and would like an accent throw in the aqua-turquoise color so that is what she shall have! it is 20 50-gram balls so it will be a small lacey one, but one none-the-less.

Monday, October 1, 2007

it's been a while!

so today i decided to organize that ever growing stash of mine, so out it all came from the hiding places, the closet, the tupperwears, and the baskets to all culmonate onto this double size futon.

now it always looks like more i think when you get it all out there right infront of you, there is no denying my hoarding now! well either way it is what i collect and it goes to a good use eventually so i dont feel guilty about it.

this friday will be my birthday and since DH will be out of town for it i got to go shopping this weekend for my birthday gift, i got 50$ pre-taxe to spend on whatever i wanted (really it was only yarn). here the Zeller's was having a 50% off all clearance yarn so i went in there to spend my money and get the most for it. well they royally screwed up my bill and i was waiting at customer service for 20 minutes just to get it fixed and they ended up giving me a pretty good refund to make up for the time i had to waste while 3 people tried to figure out what had happened. needless to say it was the best 20 mins of my day, even if i was a bit late to work.

and on a side note, see that little basket on the left, that is all of my yarn unraveled from secondhand store sweaters. i have every intention of using it again, already have a large ball of it in a nice rusty red-orange color here next to me making a scarf for my brother-in-law for christmas. i must admit i like to unravel the sweaters, and have done it so much i have it down to an art, but i hate the washing process so i just don't do it, and instead watch my gauge very carefully.

moving on from the mass quantities of yarn i will present (very late) the sweater i made hubby for his birthday/making up for the one i made him at christmas that hopelessly did not fit, not even close!

he really likes ths one a lot better, it was custom made just for him, no pattern. he picked the yarn, i picked the fit/style. i think it really suits him since his favorite thing to wear are those baseball tees with the different color arms, so i made it raglan and i like him in this black polo shirt he has so i made it a polo collar. it is all knit top down then it is a crocheted collar and button part. i really like it and it was so simple, with the exception of having to rip out an entire arm because unknowingly my math wasnt as great as i thought it was and the sleeve was almost as wide as the body part and of course i didnt have him try it on until the sleeve was literally 2 inches from being done. but other than that there were no major problems, i am testing the pattern and will post it here when i'm done with that.
my finishing thoughts for this post would have to be, i love reading blogs, there are a few that i frequent (olga, and svetlana to mention 2 off the top of my head) and i wish i had blogs like theirs. i knit and crochet as much as they do and i finish projects just as fast (which by the way i think svetlana is a super hero because she has a little boy and still finishs things fast!) i just have no momentum to post about them and take pictures even if i am on the computer every or almost everyday. i do make it a point to check in to crochetville everyday so i really should just do what i wish i was doing and make it my goal, maybe my new years resolution that i never made. ya that will be it.