Monday, April 16, 2007

new halter top

oh ribbon yarn, let me count the ways i loathe thee. this is a true story of where a sale went bad, not every yarn sale is a good sale. i have never used ribbon yarn before and i wanted to try it, well the opportunity presented its self in the way of 3 dollar a ball ribbon yarn in the clearance basket at my LYS. i bought 5 balls, enough to knit myself a cute little halter top 4 lime and 1 white. well i started it, got in a ball and half then had to rip it out because it was curling up so bad. so scratch that, rip, restart with a few rows of rib (it still curls but not nearly as bad as it was) did some nice waist shaping and added a white bust, i think the trouble it was was sooooo not worth it but im glad its done and it did come out awesome. so here she is in all her glory.

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