Thursday, March 22, 2007

so this is now my finished great frustration. this is a super cute pattern from interweave press knits spring 2007 (on sale now at a magazine stand or near you) it is done in the round, great been there done that one before, so i got through the bottom of it just fine... when it came to the ribs the counts were off for the "side seam" which wasnt really a side seam just a marking point to know where shaping etc went. through much frustation and correcting someone elses poor math skills i finished it. so if you plan on doing this top any time soon feel free to email me and i will tell you were i found problems i nthe pattern and what i had to do to change it so it wasnt lopsided and weird. good luck anyone who wants to tackle it but i will advise it is expert level with the math problems tossed in there!!

on a brighter note this is my own pattern that i have made up and currently have some people testing for me, i would love to maybe try to submit it for a magazine. i would love to be published!

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