Wednesday, November 12, 2008

pinky and the brain

so i loved the show of the same title and i figured its pink and i had to use my brain a lot on this one so it was a fitting name for it. i had really liked the look of the knit/purl vertical rib edging i have seen on several sweaters but have yet to use on anything i have made. i really like it quite well and i think i will use it again, perhaps on a summery sweater/tank. i also tried out the bust darts from an issue of knitting daily i saw a while back, they worked perfectly. now the hubby thinks the sweater accentuates the girls. this was made from a cashmere sweater from the gap that i pulled apart, i found it at a second hand shop but it was very large for me and it wasnt a flattering shape for me either so i frogged it and started anew, i think it looks about 100 times better than it originally did too. i have some more frogged sweaters that will be turned into more new wonderful clothing, i really like this green knitting thing. have a good day and thanks for looking.

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Suzie Homewrecker said...

this is beautiful! great work!