Saturday, January 12, 2008

long time

wow. the holidays were really busy this year. we have our wedding up coming in 3 months from today so we have had some of that stuff to deal with too. atleast it has been productive, i made a tank for myself (summer here i come ready or not!) hat i think turned out great. it was modeled after a ribbed turtleneck in fitted knits book but as i dont have to book and didnt find it at my local bookstore i just looked at the photos and winged it, so here it is. i used cotton-ease in taupe (light grey-ish color)

i have been working on another top for myself as of late, in black wool-ease. it has been very slow going, it is a top down raglan ribbed sweater. so far i am not even to the sleeve seperation and i am bored to tears. here it is so far, nothing to impressive and you cant see very good deffinition in it but oh well, better pictures when i get done with it.

NOW... for the big news, a great friend of mine that i haven't seen in about 3 years now. ever since i moved far away, left me a message that she was pregnant! with twins! Girls! 27 weeks! wow talk about needing to take a seat for that one! as that goes i started in right away making all sorts of goodies for her. i got 2 sweaters finished so far, i want to make one more set in a different pattern. here is the littler sweater in lavender (already finished one in pink as well but no pic yet). i also have big plans to make her a cute felted diaper bag but i have yet to start that, but i did buy the yarn. it is called sean sheep armytage, it is a single ply bulky wool and it is surprisingly soft. i hope it comes out great is all i can say.

lastly we went on a little mini-vacation/long weekend to quebec city, it was my first time there so i, of course, looked up a listing for local yarn shops. i stopped by one and will be making a grey-gina now from glampyre i think it will look fab in this lovely medium grey. i love grey it rocks

and to leave you with my end note (no pun intended!) here are some cheeks to squeeze. this is what i go with old ripped-knee jeans... make pillows to hide my yarn! slap a zipper on the top waistband and a seam o nthe bottom and bam you have a cool pillow/yarn-stash-hider


Anonymous said...

LOVE the turtleneck tube vest, i'm almost done mine, just have the bottom ribbing to do :)
Cville Secret Pal

Sondra said...

LOVE your idea of the jeans pillow, HOWEVER... Mine would be rather embarrassing. It would hold A LOT of yarn though~LOLOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi